Sophie König

startet ab September 2018

BA (Hons) of Contemporary Dance. Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music & Dance, London, England

Die Street Motion Community gratuliert von ganzem Herzen!!! 


Einjährige Ausbildung für "Urbanen Tanz", Bruckner Universität Linz

Gratulation an

Jana Thaler
Jana Gatt
Enoch Ansah Acquah


Zweijährige Ausbildung für "Urbanen Tanz", Bruckner Universität Linz

Gratulation an

Tobias Hanny
Stella-Joya Puelacher


Katharina Löffler

Tanzpädagogik Ausbildung zeitgenössischer Tanz - Performance - Choreographie
Tanzzentrale Leipzig, Deutschland


Julia Schwender

Iwanson Schule für zeitgenössischen Tanz
München, Deutschland

Lisa Wiesgickl

Lehrgang Tanzpädagogik
Vitalakademie Innsbruck


Ainy Medina

- 2015/16 HipHop Onestyle in Åsa/Schweden 
- 2016/17 Schauspielschule Innsbruck 
- seit Herbst 2017 an der Academy für Theatre and Dance in Amsterdam. Lehrgang Docent Dans - Ausbildung zum Performer, Teacher and Choreographer. 

- Musik Videos (u.a.Bilderbuch - OM) 
- Performances (u.a.Hidden in Plain Sight - Hungry Sharks Urban Dance Company) 
- Battles (Flavourama, Juste Debout, SDF HipHop Games, IBE, etc.) 


Lil Zoo

Fouad Ambelj, better known as “Lil Zoo” in the international dance community is among the most innovative and creative breakdance artists worldwide. In his still young career he has been participating in virtually all renowned competitions in the world and he has won several of the most prestigious ones. He regular works with companies such as Red Bull and he is a member of the Flying Bach Ensemble of the well-known Flying Steps Academy in Berlin. 

Since 2015 he is residing in Austria, where he is contributing to the national art scene as a dancer, judge and as a coach. 
He is a representative in the world´s biggest competitions such as the Red Bull BC One World Finale, the Silverback Openings in USA, R16 in Korea and many more. He is invited as one of the best Top 16 dancers in the world´s biggest competition Red Bull BC One World Finale in Zurich on September 29.
As a dancer, athlete, artist, performer, coach, influencer and judge he is traveling all over the world.